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Spice Up Your Dinner Routine

No more complaints at dinner time!

In the daily grind of work, family care and school routines, creativity in the kitchen is a daunting concept. We all know what a challenge it is to find quick and easy recipes to thrill the whole family, particularly the more discriminating customers. Routine dinner ideas meet resistance. Regular fare won’t cut it when your spouse and kids would rather order delivery and are staging a walk-out on your tuna casseroles.


Who would think that some of the most popular items for mouthwatering recipes can be found, on discount, at your local grocery store or bodega?


The unique, flavorful recipes below will keep your family interested and on their toes. Even the most discriminating palate won’t be able to easily discern the secret ingredients in these gourmet recipes; but we can almost guarantee you’ll get rave reviews. Warning: These recipes are bursting with flavor!

Red Bull Steak –

Coca-Cola Korean Beef Tacos –

Made with the “real thing”! Who would think that this soda classic could be so great cooked…

Tortilla Chip Taco Chicken –

Best when made with Takis Fuego Chips!

AriZona Spiced Tea –

A kick-back-and-relax beverage or adults and grown up kids over 21 ONLY:

Yummy M&M Cookies –

You won’t have ANY leftovers of these scrumptious treats!

Red Bull, Takis, Coca-Cola, AriZona Iced Tea and M&Ms are just a few of the items featured on special discount sale at BR Club participating local convenience stores and bodegas. The BR Club is a customer loyalty discount program which is built into the National Retail Solutions Point of Sale system, one of the most popular POS in bodegas. Currently, over 5,000 bodegas and convenience stores across the US are utilizing the NRS POS to grow their business. The National Retail Solutions POS has dual (merchant and customer facing) screens featuring on-screen rotating ads and videos. Customers who sign up for BR Club membership are given a key fob to scan each time they check out, to receive instant discounts at the register. BR Club ads, featuring popular products on discount sale, rotate within the other ads and videos flashing on the POS screens. So, while you’re checking out, recharging your Boss Revolution® pinless and purchasing groceries and lunch, you’ll enjoy an enhanced, visually thrilling checkout experience with instant discounts… and when you get home, we can almost guarantee that your award winning dinners will be a smashing success.