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Time Management Strategies for Retail Managers

Time Management for Retail: The Strategies you need to Succeed

In the hectic retail environment there is a fine line between success and failure, and this is where effective time management comes in.  Staying on top of the task at hand while simultaneously preparing for future circumstances is a major key to managing a successful retail business.  From customer service to inventory management and the many tasks in between, running a retail space requires a lot of knowledge, effort and perhaps most importantly, strong time management practices.

The first step of an effective time management strategy is understanding and prioritizing the tasks you anticipate facing throughout the day and week. If you have an accurate picture of what to expect, it becomes that much easier to tackle the seemingly insurmountable tasks that come your way.

Making prioritized to-do lists at the start of each week that focus on both the bigger picture and smaller recurring tasks, is an excellent way to ensure the proper mindset heading into each day.  A fantastic app to help streamline this process is Wunderlist.

The next step involves proper employee training and communication which will work hand in hand with the prioritized task lists you have put together.  By setting aside the time to properly train your employees, you provide them with the confidence and knowledge to handle many of these tasks on their own, freeing you up to focus on some of those bigger picture items.

Remember, an untrained employee will ask more inane questions and make more mistakes.  This ultimately makes your ability to manage and practice effective time management that much more difficult.

The last step on the road to effective time management requires an honest evaluation of the tasks and processes that can be automated with appropriate tools and apps. Identifying these time-consuming tasks and streamlining them represents a major victory in the time management battle and can free you and your employees up to focus on other things.

Our POS system can help in this area with our inventory management feature which creates alerts when items are low and need to be replenished. This makes time-consuming physical inventory counts a thing of the past. Additionally, an app like Deputy, which automates things like employee shift scheduling, streamlines a process that can become very confusing with a non-integrated approach.

Hopefully you have managed to find some useful tips and advice to apply to your time management strategies. Always remember that making the most effective use of you and your employee’s time can be the difference between success and failure in the fast-paced retail environment.