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Bodega Tips: Ten Simple and Effective Management Tips

                           National Retail Solutions would like to give our bodegas some basic information of how to run a store easier and better.                         Here are 10 simple but effective bodega tips to help your bodega run a little smoother.

1. Improving Customer Service

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Starting off with one of the most important bodega tips to follow, customer service is one of the main keys in having a store. Always make sure to be available for a customer in need of help, and offer them any knowledge you have about things like where an item is, how much an item costs, etc.


2. Create Customer Loyalty

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Creating customer loyalty can bring your store much more revenue all through the same customers. It all starts with having great customer service. Make sure to be honest and exceed the expectations of customers. One of the best ways to create customer loyalty is to create a community. With so many social media platforms, it is very easy to create a community for your store. Communities are a great way to interact with customers and build a rapport with them, as well as encourage user-generated content.


3. Engage With The Customers

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Engaging with customers could help not only bring back the customer, but also brighten up their day. Easy ways to start up conversations with customers is to simply welcome them into the store when they walk in. Make sure to ask for feedback from customers to help your store become even better. While engaging with customers, you can also inform them about current discounts and promotions, ultimately leading to more sales.


4. Watch And Listen To Employees Talking To Customers

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If you have employees, be sure to keep up with how they deal and talk to customers. Having employees that care about the customers and more importantly be able to show that in action is always great. After you see employees interact with customer, give them feedback on what they did well, and what they could improve on, but be sure to make sure your employee is confident afterward.


5. Appeal To All 5 Senses

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When creating the layout of your store, keep the customer’s 5 senses in mind:

  • Sight– Customers prefer open store layouts that allows them to see and move along the store easily and clearly. Be sure to think about people with strollers, wheelchairs, or canes walking around your store, as you want them to be able to see and move freely around the store without any problem.
  • Touch– Customers always like to be able to touch things. Create an environment that encourages the customer to interact with items, which could lead them to buy it. One example is keeping items at eye level, which leads to interactions.
  • SoundWhether it’s the sound of an employee chatting with his friend on the phone or soft music in the background, what consumers hear does make an impression. Some light, upbeat music can easily help the store and everyone in it stay positive.
  • SmellAroma can be good. If you are a store that sells strong scented products, consider what you can do to neutralize the scent to its section/aisle. One way to help control your store smell is to identify a signature scent that is a favorite among most crowds, then introduce this scent to your store.
  • Taste– Not all stores will be able to engage with the taste buds of customers, but if you can offer any samples, do it. Provide more formal tastings and welcome vendors to come and have “bites” or drinks as well as more of their products for customers to enjoy. Even a cup of water can give a customer the sense of taste.


6. Setting Performance Goals For Employees

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Setting goals for employees can help the employees in becoming more productive and working harder. Be sure to set goals that align with the stores objectives. When employees understand how their individual role and responsibilities contribute to organizational growth, they’re often more focused and motivated to achieve these goals that result in success for both the business and themselves.


7. Keep Employees Happy

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Employees being happy is very important in the work environment. In order to keep them happy, create a positive work environment for them and set an example. Also be sure to recognize and reward an employee for hard work done. A simple “thank you” can go a very long way.


8. Handle Any And Every Conflict Well

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Whether it is with employees or customers, you need to be able to stay calm and handle conflicts as best as possible. Be sure to listen and respond with empathy. Never respond with any anger towards the customer. Ask for the person’s ideas, opinions, and thoughts. But most importantly, maintain self-esteem.


9. Keep Up With Latest Discounts And Promotions

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This is one of the simpler bodega tips that is easy to follow. Thanks to the BR Club, any store with the NRS POS system is able to have special promotions for its customers. It’s important to engage with the customer about promotions so then not only are you able to casually talk to customers, but also it will lead to customers being interested and buying these items.


10. Don’t Keep A Customer Waiting

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Nothing says disrespect to the customer more than having to make them wait for service. Make sure to keep sales and customer service moving so that nobody can get impatient. A way to remember this is to be “FAST”. Friendly to customers, Accurate during transactions, Sympathetic to customers, and Thankful for the customers time.