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The Bodega: Surviving Never-Ending Hardships…and Avocados

The avocado incident is just the tip of the hardship iceberg

Bodegas are a one-stop shop that serve us all. They fit our needs, offer us tastes of the old country, and support those of us who can’t go all the way to big chain grocery stores all the time. It seems that no matter what, not even an avocado,  Bodegas will continue being there for their customers.

The same customers they tirelessly serve can sometimes prove to be quite the handful, causing more problems for these hard-working store-owners. 

Then this happened:

After watching the video, I just had to wonder: what could this bodega employee have possibly done to make this customer even consider this “warranted” barrage of avocados? Then I find out it was over a screwed up food order

First of all, I am a strong believer in nonviolent confrontation. When you talk things out with one another in a calm and understanding manner, things get done in an easier and more effective manner, often promoting a healthier and better relationship with people.

For this person to have gone and pelted, I’m talking bombarding,  this employee, let alone any human being, with those avocados…you just don’t do that. Why take your frustration and anger out on a person that is literally trying to serve and assist you? The harder you make it for them to help you out, the harder you make it for yourself.

Avocados are potatoes to the other hardships that they encounter. Inability to access coupons, running sales through old cash registers and trust, and dealing with the aggressive big retail competitors, forces the bodega to live on a day to day basis, unsure of tomorrow’s survival.

Things can get hard out there for these bodegas. At NRS, we support these bodega owners and employees like family. Bodegas are part of the backbone of American small business. With over 50,000 bodegas nationwide, they serve an important role in their communities.

Small businesses are confronted with enough challenges. Let’s treat them the way we would like to be treated. And definitely not throw avocados at those who work hard to serve us.