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Sell More: Tips on How To Sell More at Your Store

There is a tremendous amount of research on how people think when they buy. By using this research, we can take advantage of the customer’s psychology to sell more.

By scouring the internet, so you don’t have to, we found some of the best tips on how to sell more and boiled them down for you. 

Here are four things we have identified that will help you sell more:


Put like items together a.k.a. “Market Basket Analysis”

The first piece of advice given on how to sell more is putting similar products close in proximity. Drinks should be arranged by brand and by type. Waters should go with waters, colas with colas, etc. But also, diapers should be close to wipes which should be close to formula. This technique is called “Market Basket Analysis

IF {beer} THEN {chips}.

There is even a science to how to distribute products among your shelves! Customers do not want to walk around looking for what they want, they want to easily find their products. Keeping items that go together together will help them and help you.


Make Quick Shopping Easier

POS GIF one click items NRS
Processing a One-Click Item

Most people impulse shop. Those impulse purchases are more likely to happen closer to the cash register. Also, by keeping the products like drinks and snack foods by the entrance, you up your chances that the customer will buy what they came in for, and an extra item or two, essentially helping you sell more products altogether.

{bonus, put them in “one-click items” on your POS  for a quick checkout!}

The bonus here is with our POS system – we offer the ability to add things to one click items, so that you do not need to scan the item to record the transaction. For example, if a customer is thirsty, but there’s a long line, you can let them take the water, give you the money and leave without having to make them wait in line. You simply click on the item and the transaction is recorded.



3. Embrace the Idea of a “Shopping Experience”

Customers are now looking for a full “shopping experience.” In fact, in a study in 2011, 94% of customers said that they’d avoid a store if it was dirty, especially in the bathroom. Aesthetics matter to the average customer. When a customer can easily get many of their products online, the brick and mortar stores need to step up their game to compete.

Convenience will always win

You are around the corner and instantaneous, shopping online can take two days. Because of that advantage, you are in a position to offer more. We know that impulse buying happens, and we know that people want to navigate the store quickly, now we understand that a clean store, one that is comfortable to maneuver and has a logical flow will make the customers feel better about their experience.

It doesn’t take much to keep up a cleaner store. Some tips to maintain the aesthetic you want includes simply dusting and sweeping the floors.


4. Use BR Club Promotions and Coupons to Your Advantage

Our POS comes with the ability to offer promotions in your store that don’t cost you anything. We offer discounts on twelve different products a month. We choose products that are common and what people tend to need or want on an impulse.

BR Club Promotions with NRS POS
a bodega using BR Club promotions

You can capitalize on this by making sure those items are attractive and close to the counter. People tend to be drawn to stores that display “Sale” signs in the windows, even more people (about 28%) will buy a product that they see is on sale in the store, over the product they were initially going to go with. Signs and Promotions are literally the number one reason for people to buy impulsively.

We give you the signs to put on your shelves, in your windows, and will even text your customers with the newest promos. But, we see that these are most effective for the merchant when the merchant pushes it to their customers. Don’t be shy. Using the BR Club effectively will help you generate sales, push merchandise, and even help you develop a customer base.

These ideas can help you sell more. When you grow, we grow; your success is our success.