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NRS Completes First Coupon Support Vehicle Program for CPG Supplier

NRS has completed it’s first “Coupon Support Vehicle” program for a CPG supplier with great results

NEWARK, N.J., April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — National Retail Solutions (NRS), operator of one of the nation’s fastest growing point-of-sale networks for independent retailers, today announced that it has successfully concluded its first coupon support vehicle program for an over-the-counter offer from one of the world’s premier health-focused consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers. The program leveraged NRS’ point-of-sale (POS) terminal network, which operates in over 2300 retail stores nationwide.

During the recently completed coupon support program, NRS promoted and distributed the CPG’s offer to its POS-networked retailers in New York and New Jersey, and distributed the CPG’s coupons directly to store patrons through its popular ‘BR Rewards Club’ program. In a short period, NRS opened 655 new points of distribution for the CPG client.

Elie Y. Katz, President of NRS, said, “We are rapidly expanding our point-of-sale network.  Our versatile POS terminals are now helping over 2300 bodegas and other independent retailers compete more effectively with big retail chains.  Our coupon support vehicle programs offer both our participating retailers and CPG suppliers a powerful channel to extend their marketing reach and drive sales.”

NRS is well positioned to help CPG suppliers extend their marketing reach into America’s urban, ethnically focused communities. “This agreement reflects our unique capabilities to help CPG suppliers penetrate the fragmented but extremely robust and dynamic urban retail market,” said Eli Korn, Vice President of NRS.  “We can help CPG brands increase their visibility and penetration in our retailer locations, market to our BR Rewards Club members, and engage urban retailers and consumers directly with coupon offerings.”