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Keeping Customers: How to Get Them Coming Back

Often it’s easy to get customers into the store. But how do you clinch that repeat visit?

One of the biggest issues store owners face is building a customer base. To make sure you have people coming back, we tell you four things your customers care about, and why you should too:

Good and Fresh Products

Your customers care about what you carry. Make sure your products aren’t pass date. Make sure your products aren’t rotten and that yogurts haven’t turned into cottage cheese. If you don’t care about your products, why should I care?? People eat with their eyes. Fresh produce looks good, it makes you want to eat it. If your customers see that you carry good merchandise, they will depend on that and come back.

Good Prices

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Most customers shop a lot and they also tend to look for the best deals. Many people even have started to get apps that compare prices for you on the spot! It is important to stay competitive in pricing.  Nobody wants to spend a dollar more on a water they could’ve gotten cheaper somewhere else.

Customer Service

Consumers have begun to care about the shopping experience more than the actual act of shopping. Customer service is about making the consumer feel comfortable at your store, and the more comfortable they are, the more likely they will come back. Nothing is worse than walking into a store and the person behind the counter couldn’t care less about my needs. If I want to ask a question, I want there to be somebody to answer it. Apologize and replace spoiled items. It is that easy to maintain a good relationships.

A Loyalty and Reward Program

The best way to guarantee return customers is by offering your them something special and exclusive. We know that this can be expensive for you. NRS truly cares about your success, and we don’t want to lose money. By signing up for BR Club, we ensure you have a loyalty program, special offers, and promotions for your customers that costs you nothing.