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Saving the Bodega: Why My Job at NRS, Promoting a POS System, Will Help the Bodega Culture Thrive

The urban bodega is struggling, and NRS is helping them be able to compete

In many immigrant communities in the United States, the bodega represents more than just a store. The bodega is a hub of activity. They are a staple in the community to help reconnect those who left their homes with some bits and pieces of their heritage. Walking into a bodega in Newark, NJ, I can find the breads my mother dreams of, the candies my father recollects, and the empanadas cooked with the right dough.

As the daughter of two Latino immigrants, I grew up hyper aware of the struggles of adjusting to a new a country, a new language, a new culture, and a new metric for success. When I began at National Retail Solutions, the challenges the bodega community faces and how it hinders their growth and prosperity have only become more clear.

As more and more large retail stores pop-up, duplicates of one another, void of character and charm, we see the smaller stores, like bodegas, disappear.

Just like everyone else, these bodega owners aren’t looking for hand outs. They don’t want your sympathy, they want to grow. They are business people, and therefore, look to the same tools as everybody else to help expand and compete. But because of constraints like access to capital, ease of language, and difficulty keeping up with new technology, we see that bodega owners are on a different playing field. Many of these bodegas still use old cash registers and manually record sales and inventory. They cannot promote products as it may hurt their profits.

I am proud to say I work for a company that is looking to level the playing field. By offering a POS ecosystem, NRS is giving bodegas the opportunity to compete with the larger retailers. Our ecosystem consists of a POS with inclusive and easy to use management systems, flat fee credit card processing, the ability to apply for cash-advance, and even a loyalty program for consumers that offers them promotions straight from the system, regulated through NRS, so there is no extra cost for the store owner. Those who have the system already, love and recommend it to others.

The rumors about the United States being the land of opportunity have not quieted down in recent years. The legend of the streets paved with gold has not been tarnished. Generations have come and built so much from so little. NRS takes pride in maintaining access to the American Dream; anyone, given the right tools can be empowered, and NRS is offering the right tools.